Abstain From Sex

We know you love escorts but sometimes you have to stop your sexual activity. If you have to abstain from sex, it can sometimes feel like the world is working against you. It can make dating difficult and your peers may even ridicule you about your decision. This can put more pressure on you and make your task even more difficult. Here are some things that can help you keep to your practice of abstinence.

The important thing is to remember why you chose to abstain from sex in the first place. Whether it was due to your religious beliefs (i.e. during Ramadan), a moral decision, the fear of sexually transmitted diseases, or a personal decision; there is no reason to allow others to cause you to second guess your decision. If you have to give up on your abstinence, this should be your decision or not and it should not be caused by the pressure from those around you.

You can still date

You can still date with an escort and remain abstinent. Indeed you should let this person know about your decision while you are in the beginning of the relationship and let them know how long you plan to stick to your abstinence. This is only fair to let them know what they are looking at.

Let the decision be theirs on whether they are willing to have fun with someone that has no intentions of being sexually active with them for a specific amount of time. For many people sex is an important part of a date with a call girl and you will want to know where this person stands before either one of you get very emotionally involved.

Stay safe and comfortable

When you are out on a date with a sexy girl you should not get yourself into a physical situation that makes you feel uncomfortable or tempted. If you find that sitting close to your date starts to get to you, put some distance between the two of you.

Or if you have already told this escort of your decision then you can simply tell them you feel like you need a little room and they should understand. Furthermore if you haven’t yet told them, make an excuse to sit further away, or go to use the restroom and when you come back, sit a little further from them.

Keep in mind: you should not make it any harder on yourself by getting yourself in tempting situations. A date should consist of group dates, or dates in places with other people around, such as; dinner in a restaurant, a movie, a night of dancing, or a friends party. You will want to steer clear of romantic dinners at home where you will be put in the situation of being at home alone with the person.


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